Updated Hours: Augusta M-F 6am-5pm (closed Sat + Sun)Gardiner M-F 6am-4pm (closed Sat + Sun)

Our History

It all started back in 1947 when Wilfred Lapointe bought a small sawmill bordering Rigg's Brook on North Belfast Road.

It wasn't long before two of his sons Normand and Roland were working with him at the saw mill and cutting logs in the woods.

In 1955 the two brothers bought the sawmill from their father and began operating it on their own. The purchase included the old sawmill, a few saws, a few logs out back and an empty cash drawer. Because of their hard work and skill Lapointe Lumber survived and prospered. Over the years the business gradually shifted from the sawmill to retail lumber and building material sales. Eventually the sawmill was phased out.

Lapointe Lumber has always been a family run business and now the Lapointe brothers have sold the business to three other family members; Peggy Lapointe Lord and Normand Lapointe Jr. (Normand's daughter and son), and Richard Tarr (Roland's son-in-law). The family ties do not end there for working at Lapointe Lumber are a few of the 4th generation: Tim Lord & Laura Lord Bower (Peggy's son & daughter) JoAnne Tarr (Richard's daughter) and Roger Lapointe. We even had some 5th generation working for the summer and after school.

In 1993 Lapointe Lumber built a second store in Gardiner, Maine. The location in Gardiner includes a big hardware store and several large buildings for storing lumber and other building materials. Tim Lord manages the store in Gardiner. With the advent of the new millennium Lapointe Lumber is surviving and thriving with increasing business and record sales. Even with the changes and growth, Lapointe Lumber remains true to one of Normand Sr.'s Maxims: "Quality and Service are what get it done!"