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Cabinets - Kitchens - Counters - Baths

It is hard to argue that for many reasons the kitchen is the most important room or area of the house. Obviously it is where you get sustenance, which in itself is important, but it can be a focal point, a gathering or living area, a place of wonderful smells and memories. It is also one of the most complex (and expensive) areas to build and to get 'just right'. It can define your home, it can reflect your personality and the way you are.

A kitchen is made up of many different items, shapes, sizes, functions, colors, materials and ideas, but they need to work together and complement each other.

In our upstairs showroom, we have several kitchens on display and many examples of door styles, colors, materials and of course countertops. Come up to our showroom with your ideas and dreams and visit us up there and meet with us to help you plan and design your kitchen.

Some of the kitchen products we carry or can supply are:

Kitchen cabinets, vanity cabinets, solid surface, granite/stone tops, composite tops, laminate tops, cabinet hardware and accessories.