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Hardware 'N More

You probably remember (could be a ways back for some of us...) the first time you accompanied your dad, mom or a friend to a hardware store. Even though you were probably very young, you most likely remember the awe that struck when you wandered around the aisles looking at the myriad of wondrous things hanging off peg hooks or sitting on the shelves. Do you remember how the store was jam packed with all kinds of different and curious things?

Well hardware stores have evolved since then, they are better lit, have more room and many more interesting items but they are still fun to visit. We have all kinds of hardware, nails, screws, fasteners, plumbing parts, electrical thingamajigs, paints, stains, tools, knobs and more. Come in for a visit.

Some of the hardware products we carry or can supply are:

General hardware, hand nails, pneumatic nails, screws of all types, engineered fasteners, joist hangers, plumbing, electrical, paint, stain, trowels, caulking, cements, glues, door knobs, tools, sandpaper, stove pipes, insulated chimneys, lawn & garden, shelving & accessories, staples & staple guns, rope, chain.