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Interior Millwork, Stairs, Moldings

Stairs along with the other millwork items on the interior can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home. Molding treatments around the doors, windows and the rest of the house can be a beautiful added touch. The right moldings and interior trims can take the interior of your home from something that looks 'okay' to something that looks 'fantastic!'.

Many of the homes built today are using different type of molding than those in years past. On the other hand we are seeing a new demand from customers who enjoy the look of the old fashion molding styles. Because of this we carry or can order a wide range of molding styles to fit the needs and taste of different homeowner.

Stairs are a connection to the past as the true craftsmen carpenters would spend weeks crafting a set of stairs. The shapes, the joinery, the wood and the design are meant to be enjoyed and admired for many years.

We can supply a wide variety of quality stair parts to build a fine set of stairs with. We can also supply a complete stair system that comes partially preassembled and pre-fit. Being pre-made and assembled in a shop allows for a well made stair system that can be installed and finished in a few days instead of weeks.

Come visit our upstairs showroom to see different stair designs and other interior millwork items.

Some of the interior millwork products we carry or can supply are:

Millwork, stair parts, premade stair systems, wood moldings, primed moldings, PVC and Composite moldings and trims, millwork accessories, ceilings, hidden ironing boards, corner blocks, sills & thresholds.