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Lumber & Building Materials

Our business is built on the lumber, plywood and building materials that we supply to area builders, contractors, remodelers, homeowners or DIY'ers for their homes and projects. Lumber and building materials can be large, heavy and bulky. The majority of our material is in stock, undercover and ready to be delivered to you. We have the equipment and expertise to get you the right material, at the right time and at the right price.

Many of the materials we sell today are very similar to what has been manufactured, sold and used for homes for many years. However in the past few years new products have been developed that have superior strength, consistency and lower labor costs that bring more value than 'old fashioned' lumber.

New or old, we can supply the material that is right for you.

Some of the lumber & building materials we carry or can supply are:

Framing Lumber - Spruce, PT, Pressure treated lumber, PT Timbers, 2x4's, 2x6's, 2x8's, 2x10's, 2x12's.

Plywood & Sheathings - Fir plywood, SYP Plywood, sheathing plywood, finish plywood, cabinet plywood, CDX, AC, underlayments, Advantech, OSB, Lauan Plywood, Hardwood Plywood, Pressure Treated plywood.

Boards - Pine Boards, select pine, premium pine, standard pine, V-Match, edge and center bead, tongue and groove, shiplap, superboard, solid primed boards, FJ primed boards, hardwood boards, cedar boards.

Engineered Lumber - LVL, roof trusses, floor trussed, engineered floor systems, laminated beams.

Drywall & Drywall Accessories - Sheet rock, gypsum board, durarock, hardibacker, cement board, joint compound, durabond, EZ Sand.

Cement Products - Bagged cement, Sakrete, ready mix, mortar, cement blocks, cement piers, bricks, chimney blocks.

Steel and Metal Products - steel studs, rerod, rebar, wire mesh, anchor bolts.