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A roof has to perform two very important functions.

First - Your home needs to be protected from all of the varied types of weather that come along. From the extreme cold and icy weather of a Maine winter to the hot baking sun in the summer. A good roof will prevent water from coming inside and ruining ceilings, walls and the structural integrity of your home.

In addition to different weather, a roof needs to perform well in high winds, hail and other extreme weather events.

Second - A nice roof will make your home look beautiful. A roof needs to complement and enhance the look of the house. With a house design like a cape, the roof can be the dominant feature of the exterior of the house.

DIY? Although some simple roofs can be done by a skilled do-it-yourselfer, in most cases it is better to hire a competent professional roofer to do the job. Roofing can be heavy, bulky and hard to handle. A good professional roofer will have all the safety equipment, training, experience and insurance coverage to do a good job.

Some of the roofing products we carry or can supply are:

Roofing - Architectural shingles, laminated shingles, 3-tab shingles, metal shingles, metal roofing, ribbed metal roofing, hidden fastener standing seam, colored metal roofing, rolled roofing, corrugated fiberglass.

Roofing Accessories - Underlayments, felt, tar paper, Ice and water shields, vents, ridge vents, rolled ridgevents, step flashings, rolled flashing, drip edge, metal roofing boots, metal roofing trims