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Sidings, Exterior Trim & Millwork

Like roofing, siding has two very important purposes.

First - Siding has to protect you and your home against all the types of weather and climate that we get up here in Maine. It has to perform flawlessly against wind-driven rain and snow and also protect against the heat and humidity of the summer. It must be able to protect the structure from moisture, insects and UV rays.

Second - Perhaps even more important to you, is the beauty that that a good choice of siding will add to the look of your home. Colors, textures, patterns, materials and overall look of a siding are the features that will define your house for many years.

Sidings are made in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes all contributing to the material cost and the relative ease and expense of installation and ongoing maintenance.

The Frosting - Secondary perhaps, but not to be overlooked are all the different trims and exterior millwork that can substantially add to the look and beauty of your home. Like siding they are made in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes that contribute to the relative ease and expense of installation and longevity.

Come see us and we will help you choose the siding and 'frostings' that will do the best for you.

Some of the sidings and exterior trim products we carry or can supply are:

Sidings - Wood sidings, pine clapboards, shiplap, hemlock clapboards, cedar clapboards, wood shingles, cedar shingles, board and batten, Vinyl siding, vinyl shingles, Fiber cement siding, wood composite siding, Hardiplank siding, Smartside siding.

Siding Accessories - PVC Trims & Moldings, composite trims & moldings, vinyl siding accessories, shutters, j-blocks.