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Windows and Doors

Choosing the best windows and doors for your project is not something you want to take lightly. The technology of window and door design and construction has changed dramatically in the last few years. Advances in materials like more energy efficient glass, weatherstripping, cladding and tightness that increase performance and longevity are happening each year.

Windows and doors have always been an important design element of a home. In recent years available options have increased tenfold. Special grid patterns, new colors of cladding and cladding materials, special exterior trims and shapes are some examples of items to consider. Windows and doors also have to perform and last in many different conditions. From the heat of the summer to the freezing cold Maine winter, they have to survive all the elements that Mother Nature has to throw at them.

You should visit us and take a look through our upstairs showroom. Many examples of different types of windows and doors are there to look at. Our experienced sales staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you pick out the doors and windows that will perform well, look great and fit your budget.

Some of the window and door products we carry or can supply are:

Windows - Clad wood windows, vinyl windows, composite windows, clad windows, wood windows, replacement windows, window trims and accessories, skylights.

Doors - Interior doors, exterior doors, combination storm doors, door trims and accessories, bifold, bypass, mirror, pocket doors, interior 'barn' doors, garage doors