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Delivery Service

For your convenience, deliveries are scheduled for same day to next day delivery. Every effort is made to assure that you get your order when you are expecting it.

Our dispatcher will arrange the delivery time for your order. Before you place your order please make sure that you:

  • Provide correct/detailed delivery instructions complete with house number, description and a job site phone number.
  • Alert us to any jobsite issues that may hamper a safe delivery. This is especially important with the larger, heavier trucks.
  • Things to be aware of are low wires (especially for big truck delivery), soft ground, new hot top, sharp turns.
  • A person may be required to be there to help with heavy and bulky items.
  • Make sure the job site is prepped for delivery, especially in the winter.
  • If you require a moffit truck delivery please plan ahead and make arrangements as far in advance as you can. See our special instructions for moffit truck delivery.
  • COD delivery payments must be arranged in advance.

Credit pick-ups need to be arranged in advance. Do not assume that our driver can automatically pick something up when they drop something off. Often they have other orders and jobsites to go to after they leave your jobsite.