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Design Center - Showroom

The purpose of our design center is to display the many different types of building products that are being used in today’s homes. We all know the importance of being able to see the products before we purchase them.

When you visit our showroom, you will see such products as: engineered lumber, doors, windows, sidings, moldings, flooring, kitchens and many other products as well. We carry similar products from different manufacturers so you get a chance to compare the differences in price and value. You can also ask us how they are different and why a certain one might work better on your project.

Please use this showroom to your advantage. If you are building a house you will be able to see your options better so you'll make better decisions.

If you are a contractor building a house for a customer feel free to come in with a customer to look around or tell the customer "Go down to Lapointe's and they will help you choose what you want to have in your house."

We will be happy to answer all of you questions!