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Kitchen Design Process

How do we start?

The kitchen design process begins with our designer listening to your needs and ideas. Our designer will ask a lot of questions to determine the direction to take with your design. The kitchen showroom is a good place to meet initially so you can view the different shapes, colors and designs that cabinets come in. For more intensive projects, an initial or subsequent meeting may happen at your home or jobsite. Click here for our kitchen planning document.

Who to Contact

To setup an appointment please contact one of our Kitchen & Bath Designers.

Jason Simmons

Things to consider

We will discuss your budget and timing for the project. If you have houseplans available it is very helpful to bring those with you. Otherwise you can bring a rough sketch of the space with dimensions of the size and the location of key things like windows and doors. Photos of the area can be helpful if it is a remodel.

At this point it is very helpful to have magazine clippings or pictures of features and accessories that have caught your eye. Let us know any type of design features that you would like to have included in the kitchen.

Please remember that there is no such thing as a 'standard' refrigerator. Other appliance can vary in size and cabinet requirements. We will need dimensions and/or Model numbers of all major appliances.

Design and Refine Phase

After all the information is gathered, the designer will prepare a computer generated picture of the design of your kitchen. You will be provided with elevation and perspective drawings for you to use as working drawings. Please use the drawings to make changes and further refine the design. Rather than making multiple trips to the showroom some of this process can be done via e-mail. This is when the initial design will turn into your dream kitchen.

This process is a three-way collaboration between the designer, installer and homeowner. It is very important that an open line of communication is maintained between everyone. Pricing will be provided to either you or your installer according to the agreement you have made with him.

Final Steps

After you commit to an order we will provide detailed floor plans and dimensions that are needed by your electrician and plumber. We do not charge a fee for our kitchen design service but reserve the right to retain the dimensional plans until you have committed to place the order with us. To ensure a good fit, we will verify all measurements on site before we place an order for cabinets or countertop.

Please keep in mind, for scheduling, that cabinets can take anywhere from one to six weeks to come in. It is a good idea to start planning the kitchen early in the building process due to both the possible lead times and the fact that it is easier to change the framing to adjust to the design earlier in the building process.

If you would like to work with one of our designers, one on one, please call to schedule and appointment. We could be out in the field doing measurements or have a previous commitment with another customer.