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Tim Lord
Ed Desjardins

Outside Sales/Contractor Sales

If you are a contractor you can have the advantage of dealing with one of our very experienced outside salesmen. Between our three salesmen they have over 50 years of experience in the building material business.

Our outside sales staff can help you with all phases of your building projects. You can use their expertise to help you with your jobs and help you make your projects successful.

You can take advantage of their wide range of contacts in the industry with vendors, experts and others in the trade to help you find answers to questions and source difficult to find materials.

They are 'in tune' with the current market conditions and are empowered to make sure you have competitive prices at all times.

If you are a home owner with a big project they are available to help you also.

It is the job of our outside sales staff to use all of their knowledge and skill to help you be successful with your project. If you are successful then they will be successful.